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Farming (gold/items) with Friends

April 22nd, 2012 by

There are some great areas in Diablo 3 for farming gold and items, and one of the things that makes a farming location good is when there is a “checkpoint” nearby (this usually happens when you walk in to a new area) – meaning that if you log, you will log back in there when you “Resume Game” (on the main menu). One such location is the Dark Cellar, which typically has a Treasure Pygmy (which drops gold + items) in it.

Whether the Dark Cellar is there or not appears to be completely random, and through repeatedly logging in, farming it (clearing it out) if it’s there, logging out, and logging back in and repeating, you can acquire quite a lot of gold and items in a short period of times. Do this with friends – having them each “Resume Game” on their own, means you have much higher chances to find it open… the person who finds it can then invite the others, and everyone gets their own gold+items :)

This should work for all other randomly generated farming locations – team up with some friends, let everyone check for it on their own, then invite everyone else to share in the spoils!

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