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Monk killing the Skeleton King using gear with Thorns

Here’s a video of a Monk killing the Skeleton King, using nothing but gear with Thorns (does damage to attackers) and damage mitigation/blocking – he doesn’t even throw a single punch!

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Diablo III: Wrath

Long before the creation of Sanctuary, the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons raged on for untold millennia. Blizzard Entertainment teamed up with renowned director Peter Chung and acclaimed animation studio Titmouse to create this unique vision of a fundamental moment in the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

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Diablo III: It’s Not Safe TV Spot

The Lord of Terror continues his demonic crusade to shackle YouTube viewers into unholy slavery. Watch it now, and prepare for the end of days to begin on 05.15.12

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Diablo III TV Ad!

The TV advert for Diablo III – “Evil is Back” – is up on YouTube :D

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Diablo – Tristram: A Comparison (Diablo 1, Diablo 2 & Diablo 3)

Here’s a great video showing the similarities between the town of Tristram across the 3 different Diablo games:

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